What makes a premium flying platform? Starting with the right materials. 


Premium High Gloss Woven Carbon Fiber 

1st quality panels are manufactured with a clear, resin-rich carbon pre-preg resulting in a smooth, low porosity laminate with a mirror-like finish. The autoclave curing process produces the most consistent and highest quality gloss carbon fiber laminates possible. The laminates are cured at a high temperature and pressure. Unlike vacuum bagging, which only generates a maximum of 14 psi, the autoclave process cures laminates at 100 psi and 275° F

4 oz Copper Power Distribution Board

Traditional distribution boards are made from 2 oz. copper. In high current applications, 4 oz. copper boards provide better electron flow while keeping temperature down. As battery technology progresses, more and more pilots will be using high current propulsion systems and need a PDB to match. 

Gr2 Titanium Screws

Grade 2 titanium is a staple of the commercially pure titanium industry, thanks to its varied usability and wide availability. It shares many of the same qualities as Grade 1 titanium, but it is slightly stronger. Why titanium? When using aluminum screws, they have a tendency to strip at the head and shear in crashes. Steel is strong and almost impossible to strip, but at the cost of weight. Titanium balances the best weight savings and strength when compared to the other options.